About Sage Cohen

Sage photo april 2013

Hi, I’m Sage Cohen. I write books and poems, essays and love letters, articles and thank-you notes.

Words are the tools I use to pry the lids off of old ideas. I write in hopes of recognizing myself and seeing you more clearly. I want to know when truth turns from solid to liquid to gas in the alchemy of language. Who do we become when we say something new? Where does beauty live, and to what name does it answer?

I blog for the opportunity to contemplate these questions with you–and learn about your questions. I like being a part of something bigger than my own, repetitive thinking. Thanks for joining me here.

Raison D’Etre
I am striving to understand how we can live more kindly, create more joy, and find more freedom to be who we are. Because I believe that telling the truth is the most important choice we can make in reclaiming our lives, I write.

Defining moment
When I discovered that I am one of approximately 3% of women who are not seriously offended by the word “moist,” I finally understood why I’ve never fit in.

From whence I’ve come
I am a Jersey girl gone west. After living in San Francisco for a decade (with a two year detour to NYC in the middle), I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2003 in pursuit of greater spaciousness, a worm compost bin and the freedom to cut a cat door into the side of the house, with no one to tell me it’s not allowed.

Restless laurels
I am the author of The Productive Writer: Tips & Tools to Help You Write More, Stress Less & Create Success; Writing the Life Poetic: An Invitation to Read and Write Poetry; and the poetry collection Like the Heart, the World. My essay “The Word is the Way” appeared alongside thought leaders such as Barack Obama, Al Gore, and Thomas L. Friedman in the anthology How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth. I have won first prize in the Ghost Road Press poetry contest and been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. I lecture and teach widely (including a range of interactive, online classes) and publish the Writing the Life Poetic Zine. You can check out my writing here, as well as in my portfolio.

What I do when I’m not writing

  • Read stories and contemplate spiderwebs with my son
  • Pet and admire my dog and cats
  • Breathe in the green of lichen-laced forests;
    breathe out forgiveness
  • Dance, drum, read, run, eat potatoes
  • Make lists of things I have every intention of doing
  • Search for the gift in the wound; annoy my friends by
    insisting that they do the same
  • Marvel that the cedar has hundreds of arms, none of which
    are grasping for anything beyond themselves

I received my BA in Comparative Literature from Brown University and MA in Creative Writing from New York University. But the real learning laboratory is life!

Thoughts on being 40
When I turned 40, it occurred to me that my sense of perspective had radically changed. Up until that point in my life, the underlying question framing my desire had been, “What will life allow me to have?” And today, I realize that I am asking an entirely new question: “What am I called to create?” The first question felt like holding my breath. The second feels like flying. This blog is its answer. Writing here, I am walking my path. The one I have spent my life aching to find. Such that every ladybug and scrap of leaf along the way is now sacred. My greatest hope is that you will ask yourself the same question, listen patiently for its answer, then follow the call–wherever it leads you.

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