The Productive Writer

Encore! Sage Cohen and Writer’s Digest Books bring you their second collaboration in two years: The Productive Writer––a book that can help you become more infused with your dreams and aligned with your goals.

The creative process can be treacherous, even for the most experienced writer. Facing the blank page, staying inspired, sustaining momentum, managing competing priorities and coping with rejection are just a few of the challenges writers face regularly.

With The Productive Writer, you’ll learn the systems, strategies and psychology that can help you transform possibilities into probabilities in your writing life. You’ll sharpen your productivity pencil by learning how to:

  • Set clear goals – and achieve them
  • Create a writing schedule that really works
  • Discover what keeps you writing, revising, and submitting
  • Carve out writing time amidst the demands of work and family
  • Weed out habits and attitudes that are not serving you
  • Organize your thinking, workspace, papers and files
  • Increase your odds of publication and prosperity
  • Use social media to build an author platform
  • Get comfortable going public and promoting your writing
  • Create a sustainable writing rhythm and lifestyle
  • Accomplish what matters most to you

If you’d like to have so much fun with your writing, publishing and promoting that you won’t want to stop, The Productive Writer is an ideal companion. If you are ready to create the writing life you most desire, The Productive Writer can help take you there.

Want to know what other people are saying about The Productive Writer?

You can check out enthusiastic endorsements from some of my favorite authors! Or, read the press and reviews.

The Productive Writer is receptive. She pays attention. She sees herself in her world and her world in herself. She learns the names of things and invents the names of others. She is both seeking and satisfied, grounded at center and trained to the peripheries. With clarity and intention, she filters the steady swirl of sensory, interpersonal, and media information through the unique filter of her pen and page.

She makes connections, records the resonance between known and believed. Collector of shells, scribe to wonder, she hones herself to a single star, both breathing in and giving off light. – Sage Cohen, The Productive Writer

Get your copy of The Productive Writer from booksellers everywhere! Here are just a few:

Barnes & Noble

Plus, look for The Productive Writer at your local bookstore or library! If you don’t see it there, ask ‘em to order a copy!

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